with Foodboard F1 & Freewheel

Are you constantly on the move with your wheelchair? Do you want to get everywhere and fast? You want to roll over hill and dale without any problems? The petertools footboard F1 is a small but groundbreaking innovation that supports you.


Auxiliary drives

Footboard F1 – a groundbreaking solution

Only the combination of the petertools footboard F1 with your foldable active wheelchair and the Freewheel lets you experience undreamt-of mobility. In combination with an auxiliary drive, even long trips become a walk in the park.

Freewheel – over stick and stone

The Freewheel is the only additional wheel that does not require any additional attachments (V-rods), can be mounted in a seated position and has a steering mechanism.

Foldable Wonder Machines & their Upgrade

Additional drives for folding wheelchairs

The combination of a foldable active wheelchair with the petertools footboard F1, the freewheel and an auxiliary drive makes getting ahead on uneven terrain and travel even more comfortable – and even long distances a pleasure.