Footboard F1

and here we go

You know the problem?

Your foldable active wheelchair has small front wheels for better manoeuvrability. They like to get stuck on edges and other elevations in uneven terrain, on natural paths or cobblestones. Some of us have already been thrown off.

Incomplete solutions

Additional wheels offer an elegant solution because they lift the front wheels slightly. But assembly and disassembly are laborious.
The US product Freewheel, on the other hand, is ingeniously simple – but unfortunately cannot be mounted on folding wheelchairs.

That’s over now

The petertools Footboard F1 combines the advantages of Freewheel and folding wheelchair and lets you experience new dimensions of independence. The footboard F1 allows the Freewheel to be mounted on most folding wheelchairs.

Footboard F1 – a groundbreaking solution

The footboard F1 was developed for the Küschall Champion, but can also be mounted on practically all other folding wheelchairs with a continuous footboard.

The petertools footboard F1 is manufactured and distributed in the mechanical workshop for disabled people of the Dammweg Foundation in Biel.

The petertools footboard F1 is available for seat widths from 36 to 48 cm. For the assembly a minimum seat width of 34 cm is necessary, so that the Freewheel can be mounted. The F1 brings about 970 gr. on the scales (depending on seat width) and makes your speedster only about 500 gr. heavier. A small extra weight for much additional freedom.

The footboard F1 is delivered black anodized, but if you have more time, you can have it anodized in any desired color.

You can buy the footboard F1 for CHF 499.00 or € 475.00.

You’re not so good with techniques

Then order the petertools footboard F1 using our form (without dimensions) and enter the name of your rehabilitation centre, we will contact you and give you the necessary instructions. Soon you will be able to find out here which agencies carry our footboard.

Compatible active wheelchairs

Compatible with the petertools footboard F1 are practically all foldable active wheelchairs with a continuous footboard.
As soon as we know the dimensions to be entered in the form, we can tell you how to mount the footrest.

Only the combination of the petertools footboard F1 with your foldable active wheelchair and the Freewheel lets you experience undreamt-of mobility. In combination with an auxiliary drive, even long trips become a walk in the park.